The creative goddess Frida

From Amethyst, geode pendant necklace to jasper and decorative tassel on leather straps. What else can empower your creative force?

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The Greeks have Tayis, the Romans - Lucretia, in Egypt there is - Kleopatra, the French have Jeanne D'Arc, Russians - the Countess Morozova. We present you Hürrem a.k.a Roxelana the power of beauty and intelligence in one. A true Ruthenian princess fulfilled with Courage, Love and Ambition  

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Formed out of sacred zebu horn from Madagascar and century old lava beads, this unique bracelet carries wisdom, spirit and protection.

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Sands of Time

Through magic the creation had come into being. Thus, magic was more ancient, and consequently more powerful, than the gods themselves.

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What other people say / testimonials


Jennifer Allard

« I love what you do!  Your accessories can take a basic outfit and make it into something special! »


Marie Pierre O’neill

« Amazing timeless, earthy and powerful pieces!»


Manon Tremblay

«Your work transforms my life.  I feel good and beautiful when I wear your art »