The story so far

Julie founded her latest workshop in 2011 in her hometown of Montreal, Canada where she creates earthy and timeless adornments that connect to the values of well-being and conscious life style.  Her jewellery refers to the essence of oneness and ancient wisdom knowledge that connects to the strength and inner beauty of the woman.

Julie blends her lifestyle principles of mindfulness and the use of ancient traditions -such as mantra (transferring intention into an object), medicine women knowledge, oriental medicine pratices, wheel of medicine from native wisdom,  and sacred ceremony- to create unique and powerful fashion talismans.

She creates pieces of jewellery that are designed to trigger harmony and well-being.  They are reminiscent of the oneness of all beings and elements and are meant to connect with the timeless spiritual sensibilities that are deep within each of us.

  “ the inner meets the outer
the spirit meets the material ”
D. Laporte