Inspired by the strength of natural minerals and the fresh feeling of Spring


This new collection draws its inspiration from the strength of natural minerals and the fresh feeling of Spring.


Minerals such as crystals and druzy quartz are some of the natural elements used to create this season’s pieces. You will also find exclusive semi-precious stones like kyanite, opal, aventurine, raspberry quartz, green line quartz, citrine and amazonite. Raw African stones and nugget minerals are featured in this collection. The pure energy of these rare semi-precious stones creates the perfect match between esthetic and high vibration.


Also, as we do every season, the pieces are named after a specific group of women. For this season, the pieces are named in honour of modern Canadian women who have achieved success in supporting the health and wellness of their communities.


Agathe, Claire, Emma, Isabelle, Kenojuak, Emilie, …
all meaningful women who have been role models for their people.
They combined their purpose, their maternity and their femininity in an inspirational way.


They are real women, to whom we can all relate.
They have lived inspirational lives and have made a significant difference in the lives around them.


They are brave, determined, talented and strong.
They opened up the way forward, sometimes fiercely, sometimes discreetly.
But above all, they are true role models for the next generation.


Be a role model for yourself, for your loved ones, for the ones coming after you.



“Be the flame of fate, that torch of truth to guide our young
people toward a better future for themselves.”


-Michelle Obama