Stones and Crystals

Julie carefully choosing raw materials for her upcoming collection

On this page you will find information for a better understanding of the stones we use in our workshop to create the adornments and what kind of effects you can benefit from those materials when you wear them.



AFRICAN TURQUOISE brings encouragement for growth, development and positive change within life itself. It is a stone that brings structure, balance and prosperity.

AGATE is one of the oldest of healing stones. They are very protective stones, making them the perfect stones for amulets and medicine bags. They bring courage, emotional strength and self-confidence.

AMAZONITE assists in communicating one’s true thoughts and feelings without over-emotionalism. As a support stone, it helps overcoming loneliness. It also block geopathic stress, absorbs microwaves and cell phone emanations.

AMBER as a love crystal, golden-orange Amber is a symbol of beauty and tenderness, a good-luck talisman for increasing natural radiance and attracting lasting love. It may be used to call in a twin soul, or for protection against negative influences.

AMETHYST is an excellent all-purpose stone that promote calm, balance, peace happiness, and contentment. It also is said to bring emotional stability and inner strength.

AMMONITE is a very powerful earth healing fossil. Its spiral shape symbolizes continual change and evolution. Ammonites have absorbed cosmic energy over eons of time and help to stimulate the life force (Chi) within.

APATITE is a motivational stone, promoting independence and ambitiousness. It clears away confusion, apathy or negativity, then, stimulates the intellect to expand knowledge and truth.

AQUAMARINE is calming, soothing, cleansing, and inspires truth, trust and letting go. It helps overcome the fear
of speaking, and is an excellent stone for teachers and presenters of all types.

AVENTURINE is known as the “Stone of Opportunity,” thought to be the luckiest of all crystals, especially in manifesting prosperity and wealth, or for increasing favor in competitions or games of chance.


BLACK TOURMALINE Protects against negativity. Powerfully deflects/shields against unwanted or dark energies especially for sensitive people. Encourages intellectual thought, vitality.

CHRYSOCOLLA is a wonderful stone to wear on a daily basis as a support stone or to help calm your emotions. It gently draws off negative energies of all kinds, especially in times of transition, such as breakups or job loss.

CITRINE is known as a success and prosperity stone. Is also brings hope, eliminates negative energies. It is good for protection in general and helps bring stability.

CORAL calms emotions and leads to inner tranquility. Ease depression, good for emotional balance and reduces sensitivity. Improves expressive ability, increases intuition and imagination.

CRYSTAL Superior above all the Stones. It receives and multiplies every form of energy for healing, purification and activation. It attracts the powers of light and it purifies negative energy.

DRUZY AGATE have been used to induce creativity and relaxation as well as to help with emotional problems

DRUZY QUARTZ have been used to induce creativity and relaxation, as well as to help with emotional problems.

EMERALD is an excellent stone for reviving passion, whether for an interest, a person, or a job.
It is also called the stone of successful love.

GARNET is a stone of regeneration and energizing. It is considered a stone of increasing commitment, honesty, hope, and faith. It is a stone of positive thoughts.


HEMATITE Powerful, healing stone. It absorbs and dissolves the negative energy; it creates a feeling of safety. It awakes our dreams and desires and it encourages us to go after everything we want.

HOWLITE The stone of calmness. It absorbs anger, smoothes the mind and feelings. It teaches patience and cool-headed creative thought. It gives clarity and is a significant assistant against insomnia.

JASPER is full of grounding energy connecting you deeply to the vibrations of the earth. Jasper helps us to be less judgmental and know on a soul level that we are all connected.

KYANITE inspires loyalty and fair treatment to others. It assists in working through disagreements and disputes, and can aid in repairing damaged relationships. It is beneficial in negotiations, diplomatic missions, and other forms of communication

LABRADORITE is a stone of great protection, connecting us with universal energy and supports our mental abilities. Brings open and clear thought, wisdom, intuition and perceptiveness. Ideal for meditation and communication with the Superior Powers.

LAPIS LAZULI is a powerful crystal for activating the higher mind and enhancing intellectual ability. It stimulates the desire for knowledge, truth and understanding, and aids the process of learning. It is excellent for enhancing memory.

Enjoy the LAVA beads in this beautiful adornment. Use these beads as natural diffuser : pour a few drops of your favorite perfume or essentiel oil and ENJOY!

LODALITE is purported to be an excellent healing stone bringing strong healing energies and energetic shifting so that healing will occur.

MOTHER of PEARL is used in mystical work and lore to heighten intuition, sensitivity, and imagination.
It is purported to protect from negative influence, and transmute negative energy. It is said to be highly protective


PREHNITE is considered a stone of unconditional love. It calms the environment and brings peace and protection.

PYRITE is known to remedy financial hardship and attract abundance. The resemblance of pyrite to gold has made it a traditional symbol for money and good luck. Pyrite makes a wonderful energy shield, blocking out negativity.

RIVER STONE ‘s energy accelerates change. It energizes your aura, speeding the resolution of any process you are experiencing. Riverstone helps you move more swiftly through the changes associated with a particular process, such as a therapy or cleansing.

RUDRAKSHA SEEDS are miracle seeds that emit positive vibrations. Theys are believed to be endowed with cosmic powers to elevate the soul and assist on the path of ascension.

SODALITE is a stone of logic, rationality, and efficiency. It increases intelligence, knowledge and learning.

TURQUOISE brings encouragement for growth, development and positive change within life itself. It is a stone that brings structure, balance and prosperity.

WHORL beads from Mali. These handmade engraved clay beads are dried under the African sun, cooked in charcoal and loved by every one.

ZEBU horn from social and empowering project in Madagascar.
 Thank you to our ethic partner Aomby Manga.